Thee Uncondemning Monk - In Site 23 Insight 32

from by One True Topi Tribe



The Uncondemning Monk started as a psychic transmission to Algeaca’s team, The Jack Frost Staff. This transmission was first announced on 19, November, 2010, on a blog site called Shitty Bear’s Corner, founded by St. Stephen. Together St. Stephen & Algaeca, in process, play to produce Thee Uncondemning Monk who is (thereby became in becoming an) irreducible singularity, more than a simple composite of two in-dividual beings/personas. Thee Uncondemning Monk aides the artist/magickian in coming under erasure as thee opens oneself to the Third Mind, that virtual real substrate, that manifests when individuals form a unity. Not unlike a black out technique, the indefinable self takes on historic personalities in an uncanny delirium in an attempt at the impossible finality of everything. Since Thee Uncondemning Monk has crossed over the borne of no-return, skipping back in forth in the time space line, as if it was loop twisted on both ends, to form the handles of this sublime fool's rope. Indeed the personage of the uncondemning monk is of a sinner that judged not, that he might not be judged (by any being, even God). Taking hold ov this dual personality, these loop-holds at the end of a zodiac belt-loop, that forms a middle section, but align the star aright, Thee Uncondemning Monk has taken to re-explore the work of Brion Gysin and William S. Burroughs, “the cut-up method”, Dreamachine, and Third Mind. With that mission in mind, Thee Uncondemning Monk has become a member of the One True TOPI Tribe, founded by Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, through Algaeca, and has been hence forth engage in a project known as Skiddoo 32, on 23 Skiddoo Street. The latest track of which can be found on the up and coming One True TOPI Tribe Compilation, realization/release date 23 August, 2011. The Compilation is worldwide in scope and is an expression of coum-Unity and for the continued realization of thee One True TOPI Tribe.


from One True Topi Tribe, released August 23, 2011



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